Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Life the Rest of the World Leads

As I type frantically by candle light in order to preserve the little battery life left in my computer, I thought I would leave my readers with a little picture of life in, well, the rest of the world outside of life as we know it.  Just as I was getting ready to cook dinner, on a luxurious electric range and not over open flame, the power went out.  Random rationing affects different parts of the city at any hour of the day and dinner time just happened to be our luck.  If I had built a fire like the rest of the small houses around the complex I would have eaten by now.

So instead, I sit here on my computer, on a slow and temperamental internet connection, still connected to the technological age, but by candlelight.  Somewhat romantic it would seem.  Another detail about our accommodations is that we do not have hot showers, so instead each wash is refreshing to say the least.  However, today we did not have water at all, the pressure was out.  Instead I had a bucket bath for the first time ever.  The staff here laughed when I told them I would figure it out, and it wasn't half bad, especially because the water was boiling hot.

So as you sit in front of the tube, enjoying all the modern comforts you take for granted, take a moment to give thanks for what you have and remember that the people of Malawi are still extremely happy, hospitable and quick to laugh.  I think these experiences are worth more than any amount of dollars can buy.